KeyframeCard Terms and Conditions

Welcome to "KeyframeCard" (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), provided by SAKURAGATE Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as "SG", or the “Company”). By using this website, you agree, on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who use any Service under your account, to the following conditions. We may modify the Terms and Conditions within the scope of the purpose of this Service, and post of the modified Terms and Conditions on the website shall be deemed as official modification.

1) “User” shall mean the individual or the representative of an organization using this Service via website or smartphone applications.
2) “Service” shall mean the storage, transmission and other related services of digital cards provided on our “KeyframeCard” platform. It shall include all services irrespective of any changes in the service name or service contents.
3) “Website” shall mean website under domain “”, operated by the Company. It shall include websites irrespective of any changes in the domain or the contents of our website.
4) “Terms” shall mean the Terms and Conditions of our Service, applied upon the agreement between the User and the Company.

1) The user shall use the Service at the users own risk in accordance with the method specified by the Company within the scope of the purpose of this Terms.
2) Hardware such as personal computers and smartphones, software devices, communication lines and other communication environments necessary for the usage of the Service shall be prepared and maintained at the User's expense and responsibility.
3) The User shall take measures against security problems such as computer virus infection, unauthorized access, and information leakage at the User’s own expense and responsibility upon usage of the Service.
4) The User shall manage and store the ID, password and private key at the Users own risk.
5) The User shall be fully liable for insufficient management or misuse of passwords, IDs and private keys, or any damage caused by third parties on such incidents.

Purchase of Product
1) The user shall confirm and agree to the conditions specified for each product, enter and confirm necessary information before applying for an order.
2) Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate act upon the usage of the Service, the Company shall be able to cancel the or take other necessary measures regarding the contract with the User.
3) Deliveries of physical products are limited only within Japan.
4) User under 18 shall obtain the consent of a legal representative such as parents or guardians before purchasing.

1) The price shall be displayed individually for each product.
2) The price shall be displayed with tax included.
3) If shipping costs are incurred, the costs shall be displayed for each item individually.
4) Payment shall be done by credit card. If a payment method is added to the Service, the corresponding payment method shall also be available.
5) Payment date shall vary depending on the closing date of the credit card used in the contract. Please contact your card company for details.
6) Payment methods may be restricted as follows depending on the product and the total amount of the order.
i) When purchasing multiple products with payment method restrictions.
ii). When changing the payment method for each individual product. The User shall need to complete the order procedure for each product.

Cancellations, Returns and Exchanges
Due to the nature of digital cards, cancellations, exchanges or returns due to customer convenience are not accepted. If the product is defective or the quantity is insufficient, please contact us by email within 3 business days after receiving the product.

Keyframe Card purchaser's rights
This Service allows Users to store purchased "KeyframeCard", the video digital cards on My Page, and the cards possess the following rights.
The User can link the URL of the website where the KeyframeCard is stored to an external site such as SNS. Please note that it is prohibited for Users to download, copy and re-upload (publicly send) video files, descriptions, and other contents that are elements of the cards.

Attribution of Rights
1) All ownership and intellectual property rights related to the Company and the Service belong to the Company or a third-party licensor. The Terms to use this Service specified in this document does not authorize the use of intellectual property itself. The user shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company or a third-party licensor for any reason (including, but not limited to, disassembly, decomplication, and reverse engineering).
2) Texts, images, videos, and other data posted or transmitted by Users within the Service shall be freely used by the Company (including but not limited to duplication, copying, modification, sublicense to third parties).
3) Based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, a third party sublicensed by the Company may perform the acts described in the preceding paragraph without notifying the User, without any consideration or remuneration.
4) The User agrees in advance without objection that the moral rights of the author and other rights shall not be exercised against the Company and third parties who have sublicensed the rights from the Company.
5) The Company shall check the contents of all information including but not limited to disclosed, posted, transmitted, posted on this Service by Users at its own discretion, and if the Company judges that the content shall violate or may violate Terms, all or part of the information may be modified, suspended, or deleted without prior notice and consent to the User.
6) The User represents and warrants the possession of legal right to disclose, post, transmit, etc. any information disclosed, posted, transmitted, etc. on this Service, and that they shall not infringe the rights of any third party to the Company. In case a third party objects the information posted by the User, the User shall handle the objection at the Users own expense and responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable for any of the activity. Any damages caused to the Company by such case shall be indemnified by the User.

Prohibited Acts
The User must not do the following acts when using the Service.
1) Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honors or any other rights or interests of the Company or other Users of this Service or other third parties directly or indirectly.
2) Acts related to criminal acts or acts contrary to public order and morals.
3) Acts transmitting harmful information including computer viruses and other computer programs.
4) Acts of falsifying information used or may be used for this service.
5) Acts of transmitting data that exceeds a certain amount of data specified by the Company through this service.
6) Multi-posting (duplicate writing) and continuous posting using programs.
7) Advertising, advertising, solicitation, sales, and other commercial activities.
8) Acts that correspond to double transfer of products or acts that attempt to do so.
9) Acts of listing or purchasing without the intention of truly concluding contracts.
10) Acts of transferring or lending products purchased on this Service to a third party without using this Service.
11) Self-transactions, insider trading within related parties, fictitious transactions, and other acts of using this Service for purposes other than those planned for this Service.
12) Acts that may interfere with the Company's operation of Service.
13) Acts opening or attempting to open multiple accounts by a single User.
14) Acts of opening or attempting to open an account under a name other than the User's name, including fictitious name or the name of another individual.
15) Acts of allowing a third party to use the User ID or account, by lending, transferring, buying, or selling, or pledge.
16) Acts of selling products owned by another User.
17) Unauthorized access or use of a third-party account or attempting to do so.
18) Acts of illegally acquiring or using the points, or the act of having a third party use them, including but not limited to lending, transferring, purchasing, pledge.
19) Acts that violate the credit card membership agreement.
20) Acts that the Company reasonably determines to be for the purpose of monetizing credit card shopping quotas.
21) Acts that use payment methods other than those approved by this Terms.
22) Money laundering, or any acts may lead to money laundering.
23) The following acts for the purpose of fluctuating the price of products, and the act of disseminating unreasonable facts not experienced nor recognized directly to an unspecified number of people as follows:
i) Fraudulent acts using means that can mislead others.
ii) Acts that inspire others' gambling spirit.
iii) Assault or intimidation.
24) Acts of using fraudulent means, plans or techniques for selling and purchasing products, or labeling that causes false or mislead regarding important information of the product.
25) Acts of intentionally reporting false or incorrect information to the Company.
26) Acts using products for gambling.
27) Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information of other Users.
28) Acts that cause disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to other Users of this Service or other third parties.
29) Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations.
30) Other acts that the Company reasonably determines to be inappropriate.

Copyrights and other Rights
All contents including but not limited to image data, video data, text data, music data, download data posted on the Company website are protected by copyright law. It is prohibited by law to copy or divert without the approval by the Company or the right holder. Please do not copy or divert contents of the Company website without the prior written permission of the Company or the right holder.

Unless otherwise indicated, the names, trademarks, logos, and service marks (hereinafter collectively referred to as "trademarks") used on the Company website are trademarks owned by the Company or the right holder. Please do not diverse or post without the prior written permission by the Company or the right holder.

Handling of Personal Information
Personal information and User information shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" separately established.

Information Guarantee
Although close attention is paid to the information posted on the Company website, its accuracy, reliability, usefulness etc. are not guaranteed. The Company shall not be responsible for any mistakes or non-publication of the contents of the Company website. Details of the website including but not limited to composition, Terms and contents may change or discontinue without prior notice.

The use and browsing of the Company website shall be done on the User's own risk, and the Company shall not be responsible for any damage from accessing, using or browsing the Company website.

Please contact the Company in advance for placing links to the Company website or printing the website address.

Linked Websites
1) The Company shall not confirm and investigate any third-party websites linked from and or to the Company Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Linked Website").
2) The Company shall not be responsible for any damages the User received by using the Linked Website.
3) The content of the Linked Website shall be managed sorely on the Linked Website’s responsibility.
4) Link from the Company website shall not guarantee the service or products on the Linked Website, nor certify our Company’s guarantee on the information in the Linked Website.

Information from the Users
The Users, in providing information, proposals and other offerings (hereinafter referred to as "Provided Information"), are deemed to have agreed to the following to avoid misunderstandings or disputes in case all or one of the products and Services that the Company has independently researched, developed, and announced discovered to be the same or similar to any other products or services:
1) The Company shall not be obligated to keep all the provided information confidential, even if it is related to ideas related to the Services or products.
2) The Company shall not be obligated to review, evaluate, or adopt the information provided.
3) The Company shall not be responsible for compensation including but not limited to payment to the provider.

"Cookies" are used in some pages of the Company website for the purpose of quality improvement.
Cookies automatically record the IP / internet address of the User's computer; however, it does not identify individuals unless personal information is voluntarily provided. Most browsers allow you to set up cookies including refusal of usage. Please contact each software manufacturer for set up of browsers.

Governing law
Unless otherwise noted, usage of the Company website and the Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Japanese law.
For discussions, proceedings and all other disputes, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court,

1) The Japanese version of this document will govern our relationship - this translated version is provided for convenience only and will not be interpreted to modify the Japanese version.
2) This agreement shall come into effect on XXXXX, 2021.