Keyframe Card is a "new-generation-item" for fans converting scenes from entertainment movies such as anime, movies, sports, and concerts into digital cards.

The name "Keyframe Card" is inspired by "Keyframe", a word used as a function to record the set value at a specific position (frame) of the movie in video editing. As the name suggests, it enables you to own an only-one card of the highlight scene with information from rarity to serial number set on it.

Fans of the entertainment field, such as anime, sports, movies, and music fully utilize and support your favorites by SNS. We wish such fans could "own" a scene from the uploaded contents. And wish all fans and the content holders can expand the content in a unity by having it as your own "asset". "Keyframe Card" was born to make those wishes would come true.

Our team will provide you with a fun and exciting experience through Keyframe Card.